s t a r p o r t . n e t / en-us 2003-06-05T12:43:38+10:00 Nailed by Google. Tragically Google has the wrong URL for our new business venture planetwide.net - For example, a Google search for planetwide.net... /archives/000041.php richard 2003-06-05T12:43:38+10:00 Googleisms. A while ago we embarked on a systematic program of link begging in an attempt to increase the Google PageRank... /archives/000040.php richard 2003-05-09T14:06:13+10:00 Hot SOAP tools ! I've had occasion to trace TCP & SOAP sessions this week while debugging a SOAP client. I atempted to use... /archives/000039.php richard 2003-05-08T14:03:54+10:00 Up to 13 from 248. Thanks heaps everyone who contributed to our link begging emails :) Our Google PageRank for Planetwide is up from 248... /archives/000038.php richard 2003-04-30T09:08:57+10:00 Ivan : How I beat the spam pigs ! /archives/000037.php richard 2003-04-24T09:42:54+10:00 Its out. Planetwide open for business. The culmination of 8 months of effort has finally reached a webserver near you ! So... /archives/000036.php richard 2003-04-17T12:29:04+10:00 Upgrade complete ! Yikes - Better upgrade !... /archives/000035.php richard 2003-02-18T07:04:26+10:00 Courier-IMAP with LDAP Configuration gotcha - DO NOT DEFINE LDAP_MAILROOT if you do not need it - Nothing will work and you'll get... /archives/000034.php richard 2003-02-06T14:26:53+10:00 Christmas gift guide - get your inspiration here .. Dave Barry's christmas gift giude. Get into it !... /archives/000033.php richard 2002-12-03T08:58:48+10:00 New Webmail Webmail users now have a choice of Horde or SquirrelMail. Let me know how it goes. Enjoy.... /archives/000032.php Tech richard 2002-12-01T05:09:36+10:00 The Newsboy ! The Merlin Newsboy redefines style, only problem ... they dont make it anymore ! Check out some pix - here... /archives/000031.php Tech richard 2002-11-26T05:39:08+10:00 Retreat Im undertaking a Vipassana Meditation retreat from dec 4 to 15, in Qld. I've sat Vipassana before, in April 1996... /archives/000030.php richard 2002-11-25T21:02:26+10:00 Unclefruity & Elricho go netstumblin' A few weeks ago Unclefruity and I netstumbled brisvegas. It was an interesting exercise, despite our lack of an external... /archives/000029.php Tech richard 2002-11-17T22:25:59+10:00 PDA/Phone - But can it play games ? Im sold ! Check out the new Sony Ericsson P800 ! I was fortunate to have a brief play last... /archives/000028.php Tech richard 2002-11-17T04:51:56+10:00 Binge .. Its official - Im on a gaming binge, chess is my poison and RedHotPawn is the vessel. I'm casually thinking... /archives/000027.php Chess richard 2002-11-14T00:51:33+10:00